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· No Middle Men
We can offer such high quality speakers at such low prices because we cut out the middle men: the retail stores, sales representatives who work on commission, marketing and advertising personnel, and other distributors and sellers.

· We are the Manufacturer & We are Focused
We offer our multimedia speakers and Home Theater speakers at the manufacturers' price, because we are the manufacturer. we do only the things we do best -----Design, Develop and Manufacture the products.
We have a professional and outstanding technical R&D team, as the main researching direction is multi media speakers tech, we are also pursuing technology multi -development. Our wireless control technology application has walked in the leading position of the filed. 7.1 channel Home theater technologies have been quite mature. Our R&D team is working on the multi-speakers suitable iPod, SD card, ect with high efficiency and strict system. We also have the formidable OEM ability.

· A Completely Different Attitude
We regard speaker not just a electric device but a fine music instrument . We don't want to merely impress you with great specification like a meter-man, but to gratify you in every sense like a live performance! This attitude induce us to artfully blended together with a lavish heirloom grade appearance & careful hand craftsmanship. It provides the ultimate performance that technology allows and reflects the mind-set of a perfectionist in music instrument making, while remaining cost-effective conscious

· Great Professional Help
Other than offering high quality speakers at low prices, we also offer great assistance. After receiving your shipment , you can call us at (86)-755-28570048 or E-mail us for any help you might need in setting up your Home theater system.

· Risk -Free Guarantee
inally, we present a strong commitment after you have purchased your HomeTheater2U speakers. To make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase, we offer a year's guarantee, just in case anything should go wrong.


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